Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How frequent are lessons?   Lessons are scheduled on a once-a-week basis.  In order to have a time slot reserved in our schedule, you must commit to a weekly spot.  We do not offer biweekly lessons.
  2. Do lessons continue in the summer?  Yes.  We make a weekly summer schedule and many students take lessons year-round.
  3. What days do you offer lessons?  Nico teaches on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2-9pm.  Mila teaches on Mondays from 3-7.  As we are both professionally performing musicians, we are unable to offer Friday or weekend lesson times.
  4. How much do lessons cost? Lessons are monthly tuition based on the number of weeks in a month.  A 1-hour lesson is $400/month, 45 minutes is $300/month, and 30 minutes is $200/month.  We do not offer sibling rates or discounts.
  5. What do I need at home to make my child's music lessons successful?  For piano, it is best to have a real acoustic piano for home practice.  In lieu of that, we recommend ONLY a digital weighted piano with 88 keys like this one: Yamaha Digital Piano.  For guitar, your child needs an appropriate size guitar for their height.  It is best to consult with Nico before purchasing.  Additionally, guitar students need a strap, a tuner, and picks.
  6. What should I do at home to make my child's music lessons successful?  Regular practice is the key!  We recommend a short practice session every day, and make it fun.  Encourage your child to play their instrument every day, emphasis on the word play!