We love working with all ages and levels.  The following gives you some more details about Nico's Music Lessons:

For voice, we teach in the following styles: Broadway, Jazz, Rock/Pop, and Classical.  Nico is a continuing student in the studio of Andrew Byrne in NYC, and uses his methodology called The Singing Athlete, which incorporates brain-based athletic neurological training with singing training.  We are skilled and experienced with NYSSMA on levels 1-6 including All State and All State Vocal Jazz.  We have prepared many students successfully for college auditions, and our students have been accepted to prestigious programs and festivals such as All State Chorus, All State Vocal Jazz, SUNY Purchase, Adelphi's Vocal Performance program, Five Towns College's Musical Theatre program, and the Long Island High School for the Arts.

With piano, we teach beginner, intermediate and advanced students of all ages.  We use multi-sensory techniques to build a young musician's ability to play accurately, rhythmically, and with expression.  The biggest feedback we get from our elementary piano students is that lessons are LOTS of fun because of all of the colorful learning games we use to help them learn to play the piano effectively.  We teach all NYSSMA levels, 1-6, for piano.

On guitar, we teach in the rock/pop style with some classical technique added to help you develop finger strength and dexterity.  Nico is a mostly acoustic guitar player and most of our students are focused on acoustic playing.  We're very skilled with beginners, but many of my students have become much more advanced guitarists!

Ukulele is an excellent way for young musicians to begin music study.  It's especially good as a preparatory instrument for guitar.  Together with collaborator Maria Diaz, Nico has created a Ukulele method book which incorporates tab reading for melodies, finger exercises, aural development and chord strumming to sing along with.  You can get a copy of the book at www.ukulelerockstars.com.